an Artist had ownership of their own label.


an agency that brought an Artist the resources that would empower and sustain their desire for independence.


an Artist was partnered with an agency in a shared vision built around a customized financial model unique to their talent and creativity.



To give talented Artists access to a new and disruptive support system that will facilitate their desire
to achieve independence, real asset ownership, expandability and sustainability.


MUEZK is an agency founded by musicians and creators all whom have enjoyed years of deep experience as business creators and entrepreneurs in various different fields ranging from asset management, entertainment management, legal services, media platform and experience design – just to name a few. Our agency has been built on a new and unique canvas where we have taken all the effective disciplines practiced throughout our global business experiences and merged it with our passion for artistry and creativity. Everything we have created is anchored into a brand new industry model built to offer our Artists a much broader range of choices as they look to increase competitive advantage in what is becoming a very crowded marketplace.

In the end our mission offers our uniquely talented Artists a superior model that respects their need to remain in control of their creativity while achieving a long-term career focused on customized growth models with real sustainability.


Our services are highly focused on creating customized business models unique to each Artist we represent.
“We have assembled a team of incredibly talented individuals steeped in years of industry experiences that when merged into one collaborative body becomes both a business and creative force to be reckoned with.”
Gary Conroy
Founder and President

MUEZK always recognizes the Artist as a creator and then merges that with their already well established, highly effective Management Systems to guide them into a market position that can offer real sustainability. Our services are highly focused on creating customized financial business models unique to their needs based around current and future metrics.

We are ultimately a Music agency that understands Financial Modeling and Asset Management and recognizes that there is a void in the market. Now using the central premise that powerful stories create powerful brands and that proper finance metrics create long term sustainability we have begun the journey of filling this void as we look to be a change maker in an industry in need of real change.


MUEZK is a boutique agency offering the following services:

  1. Identification: Identify Artist’s with the right business models that will qualify and offer reliable and solid returns to our funders.
  2. Enhancement: Enhance those models and how they are branded using our years of asset management expertise in multiple market types.
  3. Funding: Offer proven Artists access to unique independent funding sources that supports their desire to function independently as their own label.
  4. Legal: Can protect and enhance our Artists careers through its legal services capabilities founded in expert legal advise.
  5. Partnership: Can enhance the careers of our Artists through a global rolodex of relationships, partners and multiple contacts all held by the high integrity careers of the small group of professionals who are now coming together to make up the MUEZK team.
  6. Creative Guidance: Give sound creative advise in music, media and content related matters to ensure our Artists are developing truly unique and innovative channels of delivery so as to be constantly pushing the boundaries on new methods of execution in the industry.
  7. Financial Controller: MUEZK will act as the exclusive controller of our Artist’s Label. We will bring our years of expertise in asset management and finance handling to effectuate lean finance modeling that ensures the best outcome for our clients.




Once identified as an Artist that fits the MUEZK model we enter into our in-depth collaborative process of financial analysis from which emerges a well modeled vision that will allow our Artist to be introduced into our Funding Relationships as the beginning process on which will be launched a customized branded Entity owned by the Artist and supported by MUEZK.



MUEZK is an agency partnered with a unique group of Funding Sources built out of a shared vision that any entity with strong finance modeling, well recorded historical data and a well supported vision to future growth is a good candidate for long term investment.



MUEZK is built on long standing relationships spread across a wide spectrum of the Entertainment world and can identify unique channels by which to assist its Artists expansion plans into various markets best suited to their brand.


Gary Conroy

Founder and President
garyGary is a serial entrepreneur, educator, and business consultant. Born in Dublin, Ireland, Gary moved to the United States and began a distinguished career in entrepreneurship and entertainment asset management and ownership. An American citizen since 2001, Gary has built several companies ranging from commercial real estate management, a restaurant investment group, and a consultancy group, to his most recent project centered on entrepreneurship education. He currently holds the position of Director of Entrepreneurial Studies for Windermere Preparatory School. Gary passionately believes in integral management solutions that hinge around building teams with talented and sophisticated partners that share his fundamental focus on creativity, strong network building, and the true power of relationships.

Gary is also multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer. Gary has merged these disciplines with his business acumen to found his latest agency, MUEZK LLC. MUEZK is rooted in assisting amazing Artists with a focus on reshaping how the music industry represents them and represents the collaboration of a team of incredibly talented people focused on creating amazing music and fostering true artistry.

Greg Galloway

Partner and General Counsel

Greg Galloway practices in the field of Entertainment Law with an emphasis on Music, Film and Television representation. Galloway continues to represent select clients while also developing new music, television and film projects with IDEAS Orlando, a former Disney company and serving as Head of Film/TV with the marketing and management agency, Legacy, LLC (representing Tony Dungy, Bill Parcels & Payne Stewart Enterprises). Galloway’s current other clients include Stars North (The Highwaymen feature film & Woman In Motion-the life story documentary of Nichelle Nicholes-Star Trek’s Lt. Uhura) Singer-Songwriter, Casey Conroy, Latin Hip Hop Star, Eliexis, Greg Rike Productions (Living Legends Music), Entertainment Holdings (Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show), Michael Diedrich (Ballhawks movie), PalmBird Putter Grips®. Galloway’s music clients have included multi- platinum Lava/Atlantic Recording Artists, “Matchbox 20”, Atlantic Artists “Taproot” & Michael Andrew’s “Swingerhead”.

Galloway has received the prestigious AV Preeminent Peer Review Rating from Martindale-Hubbell.  The AV Preeminent rating is the highest such peer review rating available to any individual lawyer.

Galloway is Executive Producer of the 2017 feature films in development: The Highwaymen, Break The Stage, and The Payne Stewart Story as well as the documentary, Woman In Motion. He is also the Creator and Executive Producer of the award-winning video series, “Camp Tanglefoot” (Thomas Nelson Publishing) and Co-Executive Producer of the feature film, “Bobby Jones, Stroke Of Genius”.